how to write a book:

1.   report to the chair

2.   remain in the chair

3.   eavesdrop on the neighbors

4.   wonder why you're doing this

5.   wonder how you "got this way"

6.   crack yourself up

7.   adjust the chair

8.   randomly clean the stove

9.   sit back down

10.  maybe get a better chair?

What is a book writing coach and do you need one?

My coaching method derives from the belief that the best way to begin a novel (or memoir or any book) is not to try and “begin at the beginning”—which means you have already locked the story into a pre-conceived chronology, without writing a word—but to keep generating and examining raw material until the story starts to appear like a face in a cloud. Only then do you devise a (provisional) plot/structure which will dictate scenes that need to be written next; these, once realized, will suggest modifications to the plot/structure, and back and forth it goes, the skeleton growing along with the skin. 

I believe the job of a good book coach is to facilitate and guide this conversation between automatic writing and (an evolving) narrative strategy/structure. I believe this process should be conversational, joyful, loose, and should never force a result. 


I work with a handful of writers at a time, sometimes offering small workshops. If you're interested in either individual coaching or joining a workshop wait list, feel free to contact me.